March 16, 2012

LINKED: Kadar Brock and Matt Jones at Horton Gallery, Berlin

by Eric Sutphin
Matt Jones, Energy II, 2012, acrylic and urethane on canvas, 71x94.5"

In the Berlin iteration of the painting-centric gallery Horton (their New York location is at 504 W. 22nd Street) Matt Jones and Kadar Brock again join artistic forces in a tripped out installation of phsycho-cellestial paintings. According to the press release, Brock cannibalizes old endeavors (his canvases) and sands away layers leaving disjointed fragmentary bits of the paintings former self, revealing a kind of hollowed out other. Jones continues to mine cosmological and spiritual symbols and systems in his voluminous new paintings resembling nebulae or cosmological events. In Jones's Energy paintings, transparent passages of saturated color float in and through deep star-studded space. There is a hyper-activity of forms moving through the field but somehow the cacophony settles into paintings that are expansive and evoke a meditative silence. My auditory correlatives here are not too far flung, as both Brock and Jones often cite musical influences in their work. Brock and Jones met as undergraduates at The Cooper Union. They have remained engaged in a constant dialogue since their student days and intersections exist in their work. I saw Brock and Jones's works side by side in 2007 in a group show when their work was louder, messier and more image laden. Fast forward to 2012, Jones's paintings have become more complex in his synthesis of materials and subject. On the surface, Brock's work appears more airy, simplified. Particles of the painting's past hover over the distressed surfaces. Some of the works are hung with edges nearly touching, shoulder to shoulder. The paintings activate one another; Jones's multiverse to Brock's topographies.

Installation view, Evil Dead 2: Matt Jones and Kadar Brock, Horton Gallery,Berlin

Kadar Brock, deredemitsdi, 2009-12 oil, acrylic, flashe,house paint,spray paint on canvas, 56x42"

Evil Dead 2 is on view through March 30, 2012 Horton Gallery (Berlin)

*all photos courtesy of Horton Gallery

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  1. Was that an abstract painting? I think that is the only type of painting that I can do.